They became parents of five girls at once. How they look now


We all have famous five-year-olds. After their parents graduated from universities, they married and became friends at school. Unfortunately, their first child passed away, and they were unable to conceive their second.

Varvara gave birth to multiple children simultaneously after taking hormone replacement therapy to conceive.

The couple decided to give birth in Britain because the doctors wouldn’t let them carry out such a difficult pregnancy. Fortunately, an entrepreneur decided to provide financial assistance.

In 2007, five pretty girls were born as a result. However, they had to have a cesarean section in the 26th week of pregnancy because they were extremely premature.

The keys to a four-room apartment were already waiting for them at their homeland’s airport. They were from the city administration. One significant diaper manufacturer offered its products for free.

The young ladies grew up sound and wonderful, in spite of the fact that they needed to put forth attempts to go to kindergarten and school together.

The dad of the young ladies, notwithstanding the way that he works, attempts to be all around as involved as conceivable in their childhood.

It could be because of his religious beliefs; the family is very strong and a believer. The girls attend Sunday school and clubs, each of which they prefer.

Perhaps it was the fact that both parents are trained educators who are comfortable interacting with children. Therefore, all processes involving the girls are now organized, and issues are resolved.

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