There was almost no hope that the barely breathing kitten would survive, but this person did the impossible


About a month ago, Andrea Christian received a call about a kitten in urgent need of help.

His name was Karl and he was only 3 weeks old, but he was in a very bad condition.

Therefore, knowing the details, Andrea could not refuse to take care of the baby.

However, when the kitten was being transported to Andrea, she received a call and was told that Carl seemed to have breathing problems too.

However, the kitten was already with Andrea after some time. He was lying down and breathing somehow.

The chances of the little kitten surviving were slim, but Andrea wanted to give him another chance.

The kitten was sent an oxygen device from one of the volunteers, and they also made an oxygen incubator for the baby.

The first few days were the hardest as Andrea had to give Carl a drip after drip as he couldn’t close his mouth to breathe normally.

But despite all that, Karl was a true little warrior, fighting for his life.

Every time Andrea entered Karl’s house, the little baby seemed to gather all his strength to “talk” to her mommy.

He never stopped “purring” when she just stroked him.

Drip and syringe feeding lasted for about a week after which Karl’s appetite improved significantly.

Thanks to Andrea’s painstaking care, Karl finally began to breathe normally.

Finally his sweet personality was coming out. Karl began to wander all over the house, exploring the area where he had been living for several weeks.

Karl can already run and jump. He is so active and energetic that it seems he never gets tired of playing.

He even managed to make friends with other cats and learned a lot from them.

He already has a lot of toys that he just adores. Now he constantly follows his foster mother, as if being her beautiful little shadow.

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