The property brothers change a deserted pup into a Puppy Bowl Champion


During an episode of HGTV’s Forever Home, Property Brothers Johnathan, and Drew assist the family in introducing their new rescue dog.

David tracked down the little dog, only days old, deserted in a crate with four different kin at a salvage facility in Texas. They as of now have one salvage canine named Noosa.

Knowing how they found the new puppy and that it now had a better chance of life, Drew says he wept while introducing it to the family.

During the Property Siblings episode, they made certain to redesign the home with strong things, for example, non-scratch hard ground surface, launderable carpets, and a solid sofa.

In addition, they constructed a special area for the two rescued dogs beneath the stairs to provide them with a peaceful haven.

Drew and Johnathan emphasize the significance of durable rugs and couches, as well as hard flooring that can withstand the claws of cats and dogs.

While you spend time with your new pet, everything will look nice and last longer this way.

Lucca participated in Puppy Bowl 16, where her background and the significance of animal rescue were discussed.

Even a picture of him and his two rescues, Stewie and Gracie, was shown by Johnathan.

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