The policeman watches the dancer from the corner — When she finishes the performance she runs to him


While looking for the right subject for her serious presentation, then-14-year-old Tylar Olsen realized it must be private.

An idea from her mother Andrea prompted a moving recognition for the police force. Why a subject about the police?

Incidentally, Tylar’s uncle is a police officer… and assuming that Sergeant Kevin Norris became teary while watching his niece, we truly can’t fault him.

What Tylar figured out how to do in front of an audience was genuinely wonderful.

For her police-themed execution, Tylar moved to the impactful verbally expressed word sonnet “Police officer.” The work is broadly described by amazing radio telecaster Paul Harvey.

For added close-to-home weight, there was an official remaining at the most distant finish of the stage. The decision of utilizing the verbally expressed word over music was both conscious and significant.

By eliminating the interruption of music, we’re left to interface the words with the development. They truly assist with driving home the reason behind Tylar’s holding execution.

We won’t over-indulge the sensational end to the teen’s mind-blowing exhibition, yet we challenge you to watch it and not be moved.

Andrea transferred her little girl’s dance to YouTube, and the video has more than 1.5 million perspectives.

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