The man used to dug a tunnel every night almost 15 years, until his wife found out about it…


A man dug a tunnel evewry night for 15 years. A guy named Patsy used to do it when his wife went to bed.

But one day she suddenly began to notice some strangeness in her husband’s behavior and suspected that something was wrong.

It was obvious that the man was doing something strange hiding it from her.

Because he was doing complex physical work, it took a lot of time and effort from the digger.

One day, when everything became known, he told that he wanted to give it up many times, but it didn’t work out.

However, it was already deep enough, so it would certainly take some effort to cover the tracks as well.

“My wife could not sleep, so she always had sleeping pills with her, which she took almost every night. As it turned out, she started working instead” the man said.

A quarter of a century passed and finally the work reached its logical end. The result was a long tunnel that led to the bar.

His plan, however, failed the day his wife decided to stop taking pills. One day, when the woman woke up, she was simply amazed when she found out what had happened.

She saw that her husband was moving furniture, so when he returned home that day, he told the whole truth.

However, the decision was made to bury it because the illegal tunnel that the man had been digging for so many years had caused the pavement to collapse.

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