The heartbreaking message of this mom whose son is the only child in his class not to have been invited to a birthday party


A distraught mother explains on the Reddit forum that her 8-year-old son is the only child in his class not invited to a birthday party. Yesterday, a woman expressed her grief on Reddit.

She explains that her 8-year-old son is the only child who has not been invited to a birthday party in a heartbreaking message.

She explained in the forum, “My eight-year-old child came home last night crying because his friend distributed invitation cards to all the children in the class.”

The issue? Her kid was not welcome to the party. “My child is battling to fit in”. The family’s mother states in her message that when they are alone, her son and the other young boy get along well.

However, in front of the rest of the class, the in question’s classmate might be mean to him.

I don’t mind that M (the boy’s nickname; editor’s note) doesn’t invite my son. The mother declares, “It’s his party, and he can invite anyone he wants.”

Prior to adding: However, M’s deliberate exclusion of my son, and only my son, in front of his classmates seem unnecessary and cruel. My child is as of now battling to fit in and track down companions (… ) “.

The message’s author is worried that the situation will get worse right now:

Now that M has made it clear to the other classmates that my son must be rejected and excluded from the school, I’m afraid it will become even more difficult for him.

She has since considered contacting the school’s principal to inquire about his “party invitation” policy. His testimony quickly went viral, which was not surprising.

In fact, the post received over 500 comments in just two days. One of the responses stated, “I would cancel his party if I found out my baby boy was excluding someone.”

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