The girl with the birthmark on her face had her last operation…


A girl from the United States whose face has a birthmark stated that her daughter had her last operation.

Review that a young lady from the USA named Luna has a melanocytic nevus — a huge pigmentation all over.

It doesn’t hurt, but if certain things happen to it, it can turn into cancer. The stain covered nearly the girl’s entire face.

After conducting an examination, Boston-based doctors came to the conclusion that his treatment would require at least four years of treatment and more than 100 sessions of laser therapy.

Then, in September 2020, they went to the capital of Kuban. After that, Luna had the birthmark on her left cheek removed.

Carol Fenner made the announcement on June 7, 2021, that she and her daughter would be flying back to the United States due to visa issues.

The girl and her mother were reported to be returning to Kuban on October 1. Additionally, Luna’s final operation was announced by Carol Fenner on October 9 on her Instagram account.

The woman stated that the girl is active, in good health, does not complain of pain, and eats well. Luna is now unable to see well because she has a bandage on her face. Mom claims that this was the last surgery.

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