The garbageman and the sweet labrador formed such a unique friendship, that simply amazed everyone


For 2 years now, Lily has been waiting every Friday for her best friend to show up.

Their every meeting is so perfect. It’s about David, who is the neighborhood garbage man.

The thing is that Lily has always been very sociable and loved it when people came up to pet her.

But this time everything seemed to be different.

One day she began to notice that every Thursday her family members take out the garbage by the curb, and the next day a man comes with a truck and takes it away.

So, Lily went out to the yard every time he came and waited for him to come so that she could greet him.

Naturally, David, having received such a wonderful and warm welcome, could not resist the dog’s friendly smile and offer to be friends.

Therefore, every time they see each other, Lily becomes so happy and excited that she starts jumping up and down.

David, who always did his job as usual, somehow seemed to find great joy in his life.

As for Lily’s owner, she doesn’t mind at all and even always admires their warm and unusual friendship, which seems to have turned into the sweetest thing in the world.

Family members even give holiday gifts to their garbageman every year as their dog’s best friend who treats her just wonderfully.

Although Lily is friends with many people, her friendship with David is completely different.

It’s not every day that we see such an adorable friendship.

They are so sweet that one can endlessly admire them.

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