The caring mother dog and her pups saved the life of an abandoned baby keeping her warm all night…


It was a late December night in Chhatisgarah, India.

Someone had abandoned the newborn baby, who was so young that even her umbilcal cord was still attached.

The little baby’s chances of survival were very slim as she was without clothes and food.

But what happened next was a real miracle. A mother dog had just given birth to her pups when she spotted the naked baby in the field.

She decided to bring her puppies closer to the place where the child was.

Thanks to them, the child was able to stay warm and endure the cold night.

The next day, fortunately, the locals heard the child’s cry and when they rushed there, they found her lying with the puppies.

The dogs had essentially adopted this abandoned little human as one of their own.

If it were not for these puppies and their mother, the newborn would not have been able to survive.

It was nothing short of a miracle that this child survived in that cold weather. People were shocked and amazed by what they saw and felt.

They quickly took the baby to the hospital for the necessary check-up and informed the health department about it.

The baby was later referred to a foundation dedicated to helpin’ children in need, called the ChildLine Project.

The police are now looking for the baby’s parents, who abandoned her so cruelly.

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