The 65-year-old brave woman, who was a mother of 13,recently gave birth to quadruplets


We want to tell you about a wonderful German woman, Raunig, who is 65-year-old, but recently gave birth to her quadruplets.

Annegret is a teacher of English and Russian, and throughout her life she has been involved in raising and educating both her children and her students.

As German TV channels reported, she gave birth to the babies prematurely, after 26 weeks. So the children were born in April, 3 sweet boys and a girl.

The point is that this woman gave birth to her babies after more than 20 years of menopause, which was really amazing.

According to the medical interpretation, the probability of having a baby at that age without medical intervention is quite low.

As mentioned, this is also due to the fact that planning a baby after 35 can also be dangerous for health.

Initially, the babies were expected to be born quite early, but fortunately they were born completely healthy.

All the doctors had to do was keep them in incubators until they were 38 weeks old.

As the woman mentioned, her daughter Lelia always wanted to have another sibling.

Therefore, the caring mother decided to go to another country for egg implantation in order to have another baby.

Of course, there were many accusations from various professionals and even religious figures about her act of having a baby at that age.

However, the mother decided not to take all that into account and went after her dream as she had already made her decision.

So when her 4 wonderful babies were born, the wonderful and caring woman became the oldest mother to give birth in Germany.

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