The 55-year-old diver got quite surprised to come face to face to large bull shark, who turned to be pregnant


He was near the coast of Florida when he suddenly saw a large bull shark.

56-year-old diver, whose name is John Moore, noticing the predator, published his photo on his Instagram page.

It really shocked him, catching his attention at once. Different sharks swam next to him at that time, but this one caught his attention the most and it was not by chance.

The point is that the diver believed that the predator was most likely pregnant. Moore made such conclusions based on her behavior.

“I think she was pregnant and definitely didn’t miss a single meal.

I also noticed that she was a very dominant shark and started swimming towards me very confidently when I dived,” John said.

In fact, this type of sharks is very lazy and swims relatively slowly than others.

Their diet mostly consists of large invertebrates, sharks, as well as dolphins. They also swallow any excreta along with their living prey.

They are about 65 centimeters long at birth, and reach 1.5 – 2.5 meters in adulthood.

Their gestation period is 10-11months, after which they give birth to 3 to 13 fry on average.

What refers to males, they show quite aggressive behavior towards all their potential competitors, which may even include humans.

This is partly explained by the fact that their testosterone levels are much higher than those of any other vertebrate.

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