Steve Irwin’s son posted such a sweet selfie with his friend that it made millions of people smile


This is Robert Irwin, who like his famous father, simply adores animals and has a deep love for them.

Robert and his family, who live in an Australian zoo, spend most of their time on education, conducting various researches, and developing animal conservation programs.

The family has many wonderful animals with which they spend a wonderful time there.

For example, recently Robert published a very funny picture on his Twitter with one of his adorable friends.

Their selfie was so cute that it instantly went viral. People just couldn’t stop laughing and continued to send sweet comments to the funny duo from all over the world.

They knew exactly how to make people happy and transfer them warm emotions, even beyond the screen.

The fantastic selfie became so popular that shortly after it was posted, Robert’s mother reposted the picture, this time with a humorous caption.

People are deeply moved by Robert’s attitude towards animals, who proved that he is truly his father’s son, both in appearance and in spirit.

Robert regularly fills the Internet with wonderful photos with animals, as well as providing people with information and news about the zoo.

Although the Australia Zoo mainly focuses on reptiles, they also have many other animals, like these adorable kangaroos, which you can also see here.

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