She thought she would never be able to see her beloved horse again, but the staff prepared the best surprise for her


Saying goodbye to your best friends is one of the hardest moments.

Jan Holman, who is an animal lover, was forced to abandon her beloved animals, two spaniels and a horse,because she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

They have been a part of her life for a very long time, becoming her whole family.

The British woman had been in the hospital for six weeks, and it seemed to her that she would never see them again.

When the staff working at the Hospice found out about it, they decided to organize a big surprise for her.

In order for her to see her beloved animals, two dogs were brought there.

However, she had high hopes that she would see his beloved horse, Bob,too, no matter how impossible it seemed to her.

Sometimes we can meet dogs and cats in hospitals, but as for the horse, it was simply unbelievable.

However, nothing is impossible in this life,cause all you need is a great desire.

Therefore, they managed to do it and that wonderful meeting took place. The woman was happier than ever.

It was her favorite horse, which had been with her almost all hre life. It was such a touching meeting.

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