Real-life Bambi defends her rabbit friend from a swooping hawk


A hawk certainly flew down from the sky onto the rabbit, but the hawk itself came as a surprise. As the falcon sticks began to dig their prey, the rabbit began to shout.


The female deer or elk enter as fast as the wind blows through the trees. He quickly runs past them and then quickly turns around when he realizes he has gone too far.

The deer then attacks the hawk to protect the rabbit. He hits the hawk with his hooves, and the rabbit runs away quickly. He does not have to thank her.

The deer protects its rabbit friend

When the rabbit leaves safely, the deer and the hawk continue to fight.

This is a one-sided task, as the deer with its powerful legs are constantly hitting the hawk.

In the vicinity of the area, you can hear the chirping of birds from the trees. They can follow the development of everything.

The deer wins the fight and makes sure the hawk stays down.

Another deer comes to check on what is happening, but he frightens her. It is not clear why he keeps the other deer away. He stands on a hawk.

The rabbit was lucky that the brave deer was nearby. Without it, the little rabbit would be easy food for the hawk.

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