Poor boy pays $3 bus fare to a blind lady: the next morning her son searches for him


The cabin was dimly lit by moonlight streaming in through the window. When Oliver heard his grandmother Angela’s voice, he was still reading in bed. She said, “Oliver, supper is ready, honey.”

Get moving! “No, Grandma!” I say. Oliver sighed. ” I was in the best location! Oliver was extremely interested in how the story would continue.

He didn’t want to stop reading, so he closed the book and went downstairs for dinner after lighting a candle on his bedside table as the darkness got worse.

When it came to books about adventures, the boy was an avid reader. Every night before dinner, he read them; also on his way to school, when he was on the bus, and at any chance he got.

The cabin in which he lived and his family were both small. Her younger sister Eva and her grandmother, Angela, were the only members of it.

His father had left them after his cancer-stricken mother passed away several years ago. They all held hands, prayed, and began to eat when Oliver sat down at the table.

He told them details of the detective story he was reading with food in his mouth. His enthusiasm was infectious.

As she listened to Oliver enthusiastically discuss the books he was reading, Angela felt sorry for Oliver. She was sad because she knew that the lunch money he gave her was used on those books.

They were poor. Eva was too young and needed someone to care for her, so she wanted to look for a new job so Oliver wouldn’t have to skip lunch. Additionally, her health was not the best.

As a result, as Oliver narrated the tales he read every night, she grinned bitterly. I wished I could give him so much more and be a better grandmother.

Oliver assisted Angela in clearing the table that evening after everyone had finished eating, then returned to his books and fell asleep while reading.

Oliver was reading once more on the bus the following day when he heard a fight and looked up.

As the woman begged the driver to let her board the bus, the driver was yelling at the woman, who was wearing thick black glasses.

“I think I lost my wallet, sir! I ran out of the house quickly,” she said. She informed the driver: Because my daughter is in the hospital, I must see her!

The driver abruptly stated, “You’d better get off, ma’am.” I’m tired of people fabricating lies to avoid paying the fare! The elderly woman responded, “Sir, I’m not lying.”

Please assist me; I will arrange for the hospital to reimburse you as soon as we arrive! She begged, “JUMP OUT!” She was called out by the driver.

I’ve heard that justification before; please don’t waste my time! The older woman was about to get out, readying herself for the city’s chilly winds, when Oliver intervened.

She was aware that she would be unable to persuade the driver. “Sir, I’ll pay for that three dollars worth of her fare!” Oliver stated, ” Please join me, Ma’am. There is no need to get off.

Oliver paid the fare and assisted the elderly blind woman sitting next to him. He asked her if she was okay when he got back to his seat, and she smiled. The woman said, “Many thanks.”

You sound like a little boy with your sweet voice! “I’m big!” He replied with pride. Additionally, I am Oliver. What took place with your daughter?” She introduced herself as Mary.

I must see my daughter who gave birth. Oliver, I appreciate you helping me today. Even though it would be a problem for him, Oliver said, “It wasn’t a problem, Mary.”

That was the money he had just spent on the ticket to buy the next book in the series he was reading. He had been saving it up. He just had to help her, though.

Oliver, “Where are you going?” inquired Mary Before they reached the stop where Oliver was supposed to get off, the young man spoke briefly and explained that he was on his way to school.

Mary was someone Oliver adored. He was reminded of his grandmother by her. She listened with the same patience as Angela when he told her that he enjoyed reading.

I will inform Grandma of her. I’ll be proud of what I accomplished! he considered as he made his way to school. He did as well.

That night, Oliver talked about Mary and the good deed he had done for her rather than his books. Oliver, thank you so much for what you did! remarked Angela.

That was incredibly kind of you!” Oliver was completely unaware that he would soon meet Mary’s son. He was therefore perplexed when a tall man knocked on his door the following morning.

Is Oliver your name? Oliver responded as Eva and Angela joined him at the door, “Yes, it’s me.” “How may we assist you?” Angela asked. Oliver? Do you know him?

The man laughed. Javier here. I wanted to express my gratitude to Oliver for helping my mother yesterday. I didn’t have to look hard to find the address thanks to the information he gave her.

He said, “I got you something,” looking at the boy. Give me a minute. A box of books was returned by the man after he left for his car. “It’s unbelievable!”

When Oliver saw the books, he exclaimed, ” Mary told you that I enjoy reading? Javier gave a nod. She did, of course, and I hope you enjoyed her surprise!

You must have paid a lot more for those books than Oliver did. “We can’t accept them,” Angela apologized profusely. Oliver said sadly, “It’s true, Javier.” For $3, you can’t buy that many books!

Javier said, “You can keep them all, Oliver.” He continued, looking at Angela, “I’m not sure if your grandson told you in detail what happened yesterday,” but “my mother wouldn’t have been able to visit my sister without his help.”

Therefore, please, I ask; I’ll do this. The child’s kind acts are deserving of recognition and praise. Oliver was overjoyed when he was able to persuade Angela to accept the books because they were a real treasure for him!

“Mary is superior! Please tell her how much I enjoyed the books, Javier! The child stated. “I will, friend!” Javier said with a smile, ” That will bring her a lot of joy.

Javier enjoyed the cookies Angela had made with a delicious cup of raspberry tea shortly thereafter.

Additionally, he noticed that they were experiencing electrical issues and made the decision to take action. Everyone definitely had a special day that day.

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