Only in the bedroom Victorian women were seen like this


Long hair is now regarded as a natural beauty trait. However, a few centuries ago, not all women had the financial means to sport loose curls.

All of this is due to the particular fashion of previous centuries. Thus, the era of Rococo, which, according to legend, even mice could begin, with its amazing fashion for high hairstyles, was long gone.

However, it was considered bad manners to wear loose hair. Here, a legitimate concern may arise: Therefore, from where do the earliest images of Victorian women with long, wavy curls originate?

So, the answer is easy: They were actors and models. Good women couldn’t afford to show off their wavy locks. This could be interpreted as depravity and licentiousness.

Only their spouse or the maid who helped braid their hair could see the loose hair. Because of this, women only combed their hair in the bedroom.

This was regarded as a private process that could only be observed by the legal spouse and not by anyone else. As a result, extravagantly long hair and intricate hairstyles paired with headdresses and jewelry were in style.

They gave the impression of femininity, but they also stressed that it was not extravagant and was only available to a lover.

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