Nice postman’s daily visits to his furry friend has become the warmest part of their day as they simply adore each other


Along with his job, this postal worker also visits a good friend of his,where he receives the warmest welcome he could ever imagine.

A beautiful cat named Zeppelin looks forward to the postal worker every day, who has become his best friend now and brings him great joy with his visits.

They met about a year ago and since that day Zeppelin sits in front of the door with great impatience until his beloved friend knocks the door.

He comes almost every morning to greet his little friend.

The postman loves Zeppelin very much as well and regardless of his job, he is always ready to meet him and play with him in between his daily deliveries.

At that moment the real fun begins. In this one year, a very adorable friendship blossomed between them, which also spread beyond the doors of their home, capturing the hearts of many.

When the cat sees from the window that the postman is already coming down the street,he immediately gets very excited and quickly runs to the door.

Now it became the happiest part of his morning. For the postman, it is undoubtedly the most fun and warm moment of his working day.

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