Mother goose and her 47 goslings have become the real stars of the whole social media


The mother and her babies have become an internet sensation and till now continue to be in the center of attention.

The mother was recently spotted in the park by Mike Digout, who simply amazed them with their huge family.

Can you imagine that she is taking care of 48 sweet goslings.

Mike is from Saskatoon, Canada, who at that moment was sitting on the riverbank enjoying his day when he suddenly noticed the big big family.

He saw a family of geese for the first time, and it was so magical.

He was actually trying to photograph the island at that moment, but suddenly an unusual family came into his view and piqued his interest.

Digout first started counting them seeing that there were 17 goslings and it seemed very impressive to him.

But soon everything impressed him even more.

Admiration crossed all borders when their number increased to 48.

After that day, the man was so fascinated by the beautiful family that he began to visit the place every day to see the big family again.

Every time he saw the mother with her babies, he seemed to feel the same great excitement as the first time.

The babies running after their mother was such an impressive sight that it would be hard to find someone who would pass by this scene indifferently.

The picture of Supermom and her babies was posted on Facebook and immediately spread all over the world.

They also can be considered “robbers”, meaning more than one goose parent decides to unite their families by raising their young together.

Looking at them, a question arises as to how the mother goose manages to take care of such a large number of babies.

Everyone jokes that she’s probably babysitting to give her parents more time off.

In fact, she is both a super mom and a nanny who manages to do everything for them, giving great care and attention to each of them.

Digout visited them regularly and posted fresh pictures of the huge family almost every day.

It’s so nice to see how they huddled under the mother goose’s wings. They just slept together in one big and adorable pile.

He also published a sweet picture of some babies, pressed under the mother goose.

Digout has seen their happy family outings many times, watching the little ones learn to dip their heads under water and all cuddle together as one happy family.

Having grown up, the babies have now divided into three separate groups, but, the mother still takes care of 26 children, which is certainly not a little.

Next spring, the males will leave the family, and the females will stay with their mommy until they are ready to form their own family.

Thanks to Digout, this wonderful family has really brought joy to millions of people, and we are glad that we got that opportunity too.

The little ones are so lucky to have such a caring and kind mother who is always by their side.

They also enjoy the warmth and happiness of a loving family .

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