Kate was slamed by fans for ‘copying’ Meghan, who has already been ‘severely berated’ for breaking the same dress code rules


She is always in the royal family’s sights. However, in recent years, the fashion police have attracted a lot of attention due to the similarities between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s outfits.

Middleton appeared to be the model that everyone hoped Markle would emulate, despite the criticism that Markle received while she was a member of the royal family.

However, Middleton appears to have followed Markle’s lead instead.

Kate is being criticized by fans of Meghan Markle and the royal family for acting and dressing in a way that got Meghan in trouble when she was a member of the family.

Familie royale. Kate and William, for instance, gave a rare public display of affection on July 6, 2022, during a polo match. However, their fans aren’t used to seeing them kiss and wrap their arms around one another.

Even though there is no royal protocol for how much a couple should show each other, Kate and William have always been pretty reserved about this.

In fact, Harry and Meghan have always been more affectionate when they are together, frequently holding hands.

Fans also claimed that the only reason Kate and William were affectionate in public was to imitate Meghan and Harry because the latter has always been the most affectionate couple.

Keep in mind that Meghan and Harry were spotted kissing at a polo match in May 2022. Meghan wore a hat and a dress with polka dots that day, just like Kate did recently.

It was clear that she had kissed her husband, even though she covered their face with her hand. The public compares this public display of affection to William and Kate’s kiss.

Kate wore a completely new look that showed off her body, something she doesn’t usually do, at the Wimbledon women’s final on Saturday.

She is, in fact, not used to wearing the sun hat and the canary yellow dress. Regardless, she was stunning.

However, while her new style impressed some, her apparent willingness to show off her body more in her outfits disappointed others.

The people who say bad things about the Duchess are actually the ones who think it’s a mistake that she was praised for wearing clothes that Meghan has been criticized for especially considering that prior to this event, she had already made headlines.

In fact, Kate wore a dress that was very similar to Meghan’s when she kissed Harry at the polo match at Wimbledon. Kate’s tighter-than-usual dress was black with white polka dots.

The princess looked stunning as she presented the trophy to Novak Djokovic, the Wimbledon men’s finalist. However, she was criticized once more for attempting to imitate Meghan’s style.

She and William, on the other hand, did not speak to one another this time because their son was sitting between them.

The dress Markle wore to a Commonwealth Youth reception in London earlier this year was similar to the dress the Duchess wore to the women’s final.

The day after Meghan and Kate coordinated their Wimbledon outfits, Kate wore this one.

Kate’s Dolce and Gabbana dress covered her shoulders, making her appear slightly more modest, in contrast to Meghan’s clothing, which was designed by Brandon Maxwell and did not have sleeves.

Despite the fact that Kate has never worn this style of dress, the color is not surprising. Although Kate has never been afraid to wear color, her previous looks have all been relatively modest.

In fact, Princess Charlotte wore a white dress with bright yellow flowers when she was first shown to the world by William and Kate. She has also worn a lot of yellow outfits in the past.

Even though Kate’s new sense of style is a refreshing change from some of her more modest royal outfits, some people think it’s anything but charming that she’s copying outfits Meghan Markle has worn in the past.

Fans slam Kate for copying Meghan and breaking the dress code.

Some fans even hold the opinion that all members of the royal family should be treated equally, regardless of whether they work, and that the media should not have any influence over how a royal is treated in public.

The fact that Meghan was not permitted to wear a hat at Wimbledon was deemed offensive by some fans.

Additionally, some people hold the opinion that the sole reason Kate made the decision to wear a hat to the tennis match was to imitate Meghan.

Meghan wore one to the polo match where she kissed Harry. Another fan referred to the incident as the “StrawHatGate,” noting that Meghan was prohibited from wearing a hat at Wimbledon in 2018.

However, while others thought Kate’s hat looked out of place and didn’t bother them, others thought it went well with her outfit.

One fan even asked why Sovereign William’s better half would wear this cap, mainly after Meghan needed to wear hers in 2018.

Other fans also thought that Kate didn’t have a style of her own because she always copied Meghan and Princess Diana.

Other fans have also mentioned the possibility of altering royal protocol in the Wimbledon dressing room.

One Twitter user even questioned whether Meghan’s race wasn’t the only reason the regulations were in place.

In addition, a lot of people responded positively to the tweet, with one person stating that the only reason Kate is able to get away with anything Meghan hasn’t done is that she has the media on her side.

Whether or not Kate’s decision was the right one, many people see it as evidence that her style is evolving and that she may have been influenced by her sister-in-law’s fashion sense.

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