It was so touching when they came to check on the orphans and found them hugging each other


Animals continue to amaze us with their wonderful relationships, especially when we talk about the friendship between 2 totally different species.

These creatures once again showed the whole world that love have no boundaries.

The 2 orphaned babies, meeting each other, were able to find comfort in each other when there was no one else by their side.

They first met in a shelter in Ireland and after only a few days started their wonderful friendship.

They showed by their example that everything becomes easier when our friends are next to us.

The rabbit was about 5 days old when it arrived at the shelter.  A week later, a new-born pigeon arrived, which had been saved by a kind woman.

Fortunately, she came to help in time and it was possible to save his life. At first, both poor animals were too weak, so they had to put the babies in an incubator, because that would be safer for them.

The thing is though, there was only one free incubator in the shelter at the time, so they had no choice but to put them in there together, separated by a small wall.

Shortly after, when it was time to check on these two sweeties, the nurse witnessed such a heart-touching sight that it immediately melted her heart.

They had managed to break down the only wall separating them, as they wanted to hug each other.

So from that very moment it was clear to them that life together was definitely better than apart.

On that very day, a special friendship began for them and they became inseparable.

The sweet animals managed to find warmth and love in each other’s company. How adorable!

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