How the life of a boy with 2% of the brain changed; How to survive if there is no chance to live at all


The news that an unborn child is unviable is always terrible for parents, and few parents are able to deal with it without having psychological repercussions.

However, doctors’ verdicts may not always be correct. It was possible to alter notions regarding the capabilities of humans thanks to the parents’ unwavering faith in a miracle and their hope for a better life for their son Noah.

Shelly and Rob Wall gave birth to a boy in 2012 who had a head filled with fluid and little or no brain. Spina bifida was also found in the child, according to research done during pregnancy.

The problem pregnancy was offered to the expecting mother five times by doctors. But Shelley and Rob were older and had raised two healthy children before, so they decided to keep things as they were.

However, the doctors assured them that the newborn would not live long due to severe pathology, so they purchased a small coffin.

Additionally, if he survives, he will be completely disabled—unable to see, hear, or speak. Noah’s lower body was completely paralyzed from birth. He underwent surgery immediately.

The surgeons stitched a hole in the back and pumped out the excess fluid that was clogging the brain through shunting during the five-hour procedure.

The child made it through, but he was deaf and blind and could not eat on his own. After that, Australian specialists got to work. To save their youngest son, the entire family moved to a different continent.

They offered to consult with willing neurophysiologists. The results of their physiotherapy and cognitive training program are evident.

High-quality care was organized not in vain after many hours of training from specialists and the unmatched dedication of parents.

The unanticipated occurred: the child’s brain began to develop and the nervous system began to gradually improve. It was considered a miracle by doctors too.

Noah had already recovered 80% of his brain by the time he was six years old. New medical technologies and parental care have made it possible to stimulate the baby’s overall development.

He also looks like a happy child now that he is able to read on his own and count to ten. However, she is still unable to move independently.

Even though the parents are certain that they will all be able to complete this task, it will only take a little bit longer.

Noah already sits and talks to other people freely, and he dreams of one day being able to move freely. He is willing to put in a lot of effort to accomplish this.

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