How is the life of a 29-year-old mother from the USA with her 14 daughters and the big hope to have a son


Texas is home to Augustine Irera, a 29-year-old mother of many children. She has always wanted to have a son, but fate had other plans. She now has 14 daughters, including three sets of twins.

The woman has not given up hope of becoming the heir’s mother. The American claims that she was not planning a pregnancy.

Unexpected events transpired. In her first marriage, Augustine experienced a series of “surprises.” She had four daughters with this union.

Augustine divorced her first husband shortly after, but she wasn’t alone long. Jose Irera is the second husband. She continues to expand her family with him in the hope of giving birth to a boy.

The woman gave birth to two daughters within the first two years of living with Jose. They intended to stop there, but it didn’t work out that way. The woman quickly learned that she was carrying twins.

She was loaded up with trust that she would have a kid, and even specialists affirmed this reality. Two girls were born as a result.

The woman learns that she is pregnant with twins once more before she has time to adjust to the shock of having girls again. Two more girls were born nine months later.

Augustine learns about her third set of twins, whom she already loves, as soon as the youngest twins turn three months old. No requests helped her, she brought forth 2 young ladies once more.

Many moms are shocked by Augustine’s daily routine. Few out of every odd lady can stand it.

She has to wash around 40 times a day, cook at least eight different meals per day (depending on each child’s age), take her older children to school, and so on.

Throughout all of this time, her husband has been working seven days a week. He is working on landscaping. The American woman is using contraception right now, but the couple isn’t stopping there.

They continue to long for a boy. When the youngest twins turn four years old, the couple intends to have a child.

“I don’t have a limit; I would love to have at least a dozen more children if they were boys,” the woman asserts.

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