Here what a real love looks like: This man sowed thousands of plants in memory of his beloved wife


People form romantic relationships and love and devote themselves in their own unique ways to their beloved animals. A lot of them behave in strange, extraordinary, or unimaginable ways.

Additionally, there are those who hold the belief that love necessitates evidence: to act out their feelings and assure their lovely souls of their unending love.

So, the hero of this story came up with a way to show his wife how much he loved and appreciated her. Janet and Winston Howes, a loving couple, got married in 1962.

Their love was apparent from the start. They got married, moved to a nice farmhouse in England, and started making their fairy tail there.

With their son, the green estate, they lived happily. Sadly, Janet quit after 30 years of living together and developing heart issues.

Her devoted husband and son, who gave her so much love and happiness and couldn’t imagine their lives without her, made her life last.

Winston felt pain and sorrow when Janet passed away. He devised a novel strategy instead because he was aware that he would not be able to bring her back to life.

He established this park in the shape of a heart in honor of her wife, where Janet used to walk. It was close to their residence. Therefore, this truly demonstrates love, doesn’t it?

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