Finding each other, two innocent souls helped each other overcome the difficult memories left by the past


Humans, no matter how much we want to, will never be able to compete with the animal world when it comes to friendship.

They are able to cross borders and form unusual bonds with different animal species.

You will be convinced of this when you get acquainted with the wonderful friendship of these two creatures.

There are many many such sweet stories, each of them unique and much more beautiful.

Recently, a photo immediately went viral on social networks, which immediately attracts the attention of anyone who sees it.

The little cow and the old tortoise formed a really special friendship.

Their names are Leonardo and Simon, two innocent souls who both had a difficult life before being rescued by WFFT.

Leo is an African tortoise who was one of the first to appear here, emerging from his horrific existence in a zoo in Thailand.

Fortunately, the recovery team came to his rescue and took him away. As for Simon, he came there a few years later.

The thing is that he lost both his legs as a result of one incident, after which the caring people did not allow him to be slaughtered and moved him to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

There he got a prosthetic limb so he could move. After that the group had already decided where he could live to feel more comfortable and protected.

However, when Simon met the tortoise, it became impossible to move him. After he found comfort in his new friend, he never wanted to live anywhere else.

It was like love at first sight. The former sad and broken cow felt very calm and peaceful. These two seemed to be made for each other.

And, indeed, the connection that was created between them simply amazed everyone and their adorable pics prove once again how good they are together. What a sweet friendship.

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