Emily Bland by using a secret talent surprises the judges on AGT


This season’s captivating performances have captivated America’s Got Talent 2022’s judges and viewers, and Emily Bland has stunned them with an unexpected audition.

When asked about her plans for her audition, Emily stated that she wanted to sing. She does have a voice, but not the kind you might expect.

By recounting incidents from her previous position as a hotel employee, the 29-year-old Arkansas woman demonstrated her sense of humor to the judges.

She acknowledged to the panel of judges that she was a fan of Garth Brooks and believed that her voice would propel her to the top. Since I am present, I sincerely hope so.

She opened her mouth to sing in a rich baritone, “I got there,” but everyone in the room looked at her with confusion and bewilderment.

Howie Mandel referred to the moment when her partner appeared on stage as an “improv lip-sync.” “I think it’s a beautiful skill because it’s so individual,” Sofia Vergara said.

However, her performance did not convince Simon Cowell, who stated, “I’m very, very perplexed” while voting. While Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel all voted yes, Simon remained silent.

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