Cop always helped a pregnant and homeless woman and… one day she asked him to adopt her baby…


Everything started like any other working day, but he could not even imagine that soon his life would change completely.

Jesse Whitten is an officer who once befriended a woman meeting her in the street who was pregnant and homeless.

He often talked to her, helped her and sometimes even managed to find shelter for her to stay.

One day when he and his wife Ashley went out on the street, that’s where his wife met that woman.

When Ashley noticed that the woman was pregnant, she put her hand on her belly, but at that time, she could not even think that a year later she was going to be the mother of that baby.

The point is that the Wittens already had three sweet girls.

A few months later, however, the homeless lady turned to the couple with an unexpected request to adopt her baby.

It was very unexpected for them at first, but the kind people eventually agreed.

The only thing they were concerned about was the baby’s health.

The homeless woman had an addiction, which was the reason for their anxiety.

Happily, the baby was born all healthy and everything was fine with her. Jesse says he is very involved and attentive. Maybe he is a future cop, who knows.

She is Harlow Maisy, who was also given the middle name Whitt, to honor her biological mother.

They are always in touch with her and the couple always share pics of the sweet girl with her mother.

She just wanted a better life for her baby, but as she realized she couldn’t do it, she decided to turn to this kind people, who could definitely give her everything she needed.

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