Boy walks almost 3000 kilometers to hug his grandmother: look at them when they finally see each other


Romeo Cox and his father, Phil, traveled from Palermo to London for 93 days to see Romeo’s grandmother, Rosemary.

They traveled by foot to Italy, Switzerland, and France, where they had a lot of amazing experiences but also some dangers.

They had to deal with packs of stray dogs in Rome and wild donkeys in England while they were traveling.

They had to spend the night in a variety of locations, including churches, hostels, campsites, and even on the floors of strangers’ homes, making the journey difficult.

However, they were fortunate to have met numerous kind individuals on the way who provided them with a warm meal and a resting spot.

Romeo’s absence from his grandmother made the journey emotionally and physically taxing as well. On September 21st, Romeo and Phil finally arrived at Trafalgar Square after completing their journey on foot.

Romeo finally had the opportunity to meet his grandmother after a 14-day quarantine.

On their way back to their house on Southborough Road, the neighbors gave the family a round of applause that was quite loud.

Romeo and his father Phil walked from Trafalgar Square to Rosemary’s house with the assistance of a group of nearby residents.

After that, a small gathering with cake and champagne was held, and Romeo told the exciting story of his journey there.

Romeo and his father had to prove their strength and determination on the journey, which also brought them closer to Rosemary and the community.

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