Baby girl asks her daddy to dance and he looks positively scared, but then he lets loose


You have to love a dad who will go above and beyond for his daughter, even if it means looking silly.

At Jessica Hanley’s bat mitzvah, dad-comedian Mike Hanley did just that by agreeing to dance with her for an epic father-daughter dance.

Hanley is very hesitant to initially demonstrate his dancing abilities. But he gives in, and as the song “My Girl” plays, he takes his daughter’s hand.

As they slow dance to the sweet song, the guests are clearly enchanted by the moment. Their daughter asks her father to dance, and he looks absolutely terrified.

But they have a few tricks up their sleeves! The song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody!” by Whitney Houston takes over in a flash.

Meanwhile, Jessica sings along with her dad as he silently looks around and shakes his head.

But this is just the funny beginning of one of the best dances between fathers and daughters ever!

Prior to Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” blaring from the speakers, the duo begins to rock out to “Mambo No.5,” which has prepared a rotating soundtrack in advance.

Dad knows how to move! After that, they go back in time with a Jackson 5 classic before “Greased Lightning” appears.

Hanley, a professional comedian, astonishes the audience with his hilarious antics, particularly his inability to keep up with the music. It is safe to say that everyone enjoys it.

Mike is perfectly described on his website. Audiences all over the world have burst into laughter at Mike Hanley’s original brand of high-energy, full-throttle comedy.

He clearly doesn’t mind being laughed at, so the dance floor in front of a bunch of teenagers would be a good place for him.

Think it’s over with the dance? Try again! During Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” the two begin to creep like zombies before performing hand flips to the “Macarena.”

There is no shortage of entertainment with these two show-stoppers, performing “Kung Fu Fighting” and jamming out with Myley Cyrus on “Party In the USA.”

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