An adorable kitten with big big eyes has taken the internet by storm with its sleeping position


All living creatures are beautiful and unique in the way they are.

Today’s hero is a sweet little boy who has won the hearts of millions of users in a short time.

The little one takes things further than just being adorable.

Her name is Chata, which is a small Munchkin cat. Already from the photos you can understand what is her preferred sleeping position.

It’s so funny and sweet that it took the internet by storm within hours.

This kitten unwittingly attracts everyone’s attention just by its lying position.

The thing is that she likes to sleep on her back and she does it in such a way that she looks a little human.

Many people compare her to Snoopy, the dog from one of the famous cartoons.

Chata is even sweeter than sugar. You want to look at her all the time and can’t get enough of her.

Her mom regularly posts photos of the kitten on Chata’s Instagaram page, chavata2023, from where we managed to dig up some of her most popular photos to show you too.

Chata also has very big eyes, even being so small.

She also has a sister, Chava. It seems that she also smiles when she sleeps.

All we want to do when we see her is pet that fluffy cutie.

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