All the family members were simply amazed, as they were expecting a completely different reaction from their dog


When Holly saw the little one, she was simply mesmerized by his brave nature…

The first time she spotted the deer, she was trying to get some seed from her bird feeder.

But after that day, everything seemed to take a different course, because the reason for her coming there totally changed.

Holly named the deer Sassafras. Sassafras began to go there for a completely different purpose.

The thing is, she wanted to meet her new awesome friend, Huey.

It is the dog of the Falcons, who during that time managed to become quite close to each other.

It all started 9 years ago when the family rescued Huey and since then these two have been inseparable.

The Falcons were really surprised because they had never witnessed anything like this before.

They thought that the dog would try to protect them, seeing the deer as a threat to its family, but it was completely the opposite.

He began to show great interest in Sassafras, making moves to befriend her.

He was a little confused and wary at first, but slowly they just started “talking” to each other over the fence almost every day.

Since that day, Sassafras often comes to meet her friend and share news of her life. She even brings his 2 sweet babies with her.

It is the most beautiful thing imaginable and one can endlessly enjoy looking at them.

Being such different species didn’t stop them from forming a great company.

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