After meeting each other, the two dogs never left each other, overcoming all difficulties together


One day a kind woman named Mia met Tido. He had to live in a cage when he was still a baby, which was so dirty and dark that Mia could not even see the puppy at first.

It was at that moment that she decided to adopt him immediately. After going home, Tido first met his new owner’s other dog, Sola, who warmly welcomed him.

They still could not even imagine what a wonderful friendship was waiting for them.

Sola treated the little puppy as if he were her baby and ut was just what Tido needed.

It had only been a few days, but in that time the dogs had bonded so closely that it was as if they were on the planet for each other.

But then a tragic incident happened that totally disturbed their peace. One day Tido had a seizure and Mia quickly took the little doggie to the vet.

There he was diagnosed with distemper with a 5% chance of survival.

It just devastated Mia. They went home together where she continued the treatment.

Unfortunately, the two dogs had to be separated. Sola waited every day by the room where Tido lay. He was very anxious and heartbroken.

The loyal dog didn’t even move and knew that he should be near her friend, even if they are separated by a door.

The ending of this story is so touching that you just can’t miss it… We are so happy that these sweet dogs met each other.

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