Abused dog ran away from home and came back with a note on his head


Scientists say that dogs can feel basic emotions like fear, joy, love, and anger, but they can’t feel more complicated feelings like guilt.

Consequently, Jin Mao, a golden retriever, was not at all offended by what he had done. The dog was irritated not by the fact that he ate the boot of its new owner, but by the fact that its owner expressed his outrage.

After hiding under the table, the offended retriever took advantage of the situation and fled the house. The dog’s absence worried the owner, even though it was evening.

He went to look for him, but he was nowhere to be found. The search continued in the morning, also without success. The owner was devastated by the loss of his beloved dog.

However, Jin Mao returned home as if nothing had happened by lunchtime, so he did not have to grieve for long.

The dog clearly did not wander the streets all night because he was clean, well-fed, and in a playful mood. Where did he go?

The proprietor found the solution to his inquiry in a note that was taped to the top of his pet.

This dog entered the house of the owner of a small grocery store on a nearby street in the evening, and before he was noticed, he managed to eat meat pies that were being prepared for sale.

Eight pies later, the dog went to sleep under the counter. They decided to leave the dog overnight and released him the following day with a note because the dog was clearly at home.

Now, Jin Mao’s owner had to spend money on pies as well as shoes. He realized that if he continued to yell at the pet, he would inflict physical harm on him, so he decided not to.

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