A poor nanny buys an old doll, gives it to her kid and hears a creak


A poor janitor buys her daughter an old doll from a flea market, hands it to her daughter, and she hears a squeak. The next thing she finds has her in tears.

Eva, Pauline’s eight-year-old daughter, was raised by Pauline while she worked as a babysitter. Pauline raised Eva by herself.

She has been raising her daughter on her own since the cancerous death of her husband a few years ago.

When Pauline saw the baby at the flea market, she knew it would be the best present for her daughter’s birthday.

The best option for her was to search the flea market for something since she couldn’t afford anything expensive.

When Pauline made the decision to purchase the doll, she was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she did not bother to investigate it.

Although she couldn’t do much about it, Pauline was aware that the children at Eve’s school didn’t treat her well because she wasn’t as wealthy as them.

She heard a strange squeak coming from the doll when she gave it to Eve for her birthday two days later. Children can be cruel at times.

After that, Pauline looked at the doll and noticed that the clothes had a hidden pocket sewn into them. When she loosened the wire around her, a note fell.

When she finished telling her story, Myriam shed another tear. Pauline soothes her, and the two of them talk for some time about their lives.

Pauline explained how she raised Eve and invited Eve to spend time with them.

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