A Golden Retriever, who was abandoned in the 9th month of pregnancy, was saved by kind people


The dog Rosie was pregnant when she was abandoned by his prebvious family and taken to the shelter by the rescue team.

When she came there, the entire staff did everything to make the dog feel safe there.

They had taken care of quite a lot of pregnant dogs before, but this time everything was different.

When Rosie’s puppies were born, it was revealed that four of her puppies were nothing like her.

Unlike their mother’s appearance, the babies were surprisingly spotted.

Their white fur had black and brown markings that made them look like little baby cows.

Such cases occur as a result of cross-breeding, which results in such amazing puppies with many many unique features and differences.

In Rosie’s case, it was more than remarkable.

But luckily Rosie was a great mom and it didn’t affect her attitude one bit.

We are very excited to announce that today Rosie and all her babies have already found their loving homes, being adopted by wonderful families.

We are extremely happy for them and want to thank the kind people for saving and taking care of them.

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