The stray cat, who had a mouth infection, becomes so attached to his foster family,that they decide to stay together forever


Due to a good Samaritan, the poor cat finally said goodbye to the street life.

The baby was placed in a foster home where he started his life anew. Here is how everything happened.

The poor cat was desperately looking for food when a kind woman saw him and came to help him.

Later it turned out that the kitten was just unable to eat because it had an oral cavity infection.

The kitten moaned in pain when tried to bite even a little.

The lady immediately took him to a local shelter, where he started receiving all the necessary treatment.

Day by day his condition started to improve and he finally felt better. After completing the treatments, he was placed in a foster family.

Andrew felt very comfortable there, continuing to recover in his new cozy home.

The infection that previously plagued the kitten is happily now in the past as a bad memory.

Andrew was very friendly and gentle with the other cats too, who also had a difficult life in the past.

Then the kitten was transferred to another volunteer, Jeff, which completely changed the lives of both of them․․․

Andrew simply adored her, following her everywhere she went.

They were so connected to each other that it was already impossible to imagine life without each other.

The cat became a big part of Jeff’s life and it didn’t take long to realize that they were meant to be together forever․․․

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