Why did this Englishman bury himself for three days? What was the reason to do so?


Even in a comfortable coffin, the thought of voluntarily allowing yourself to be chained to the ground to a depth of several meters may come to a person who is not quite adequate or who has experience as a former drug addict.

A sixty-one-year-old Englishman staged a three-day “buried alive” stunt to demonstrate that drugs are harmful and cause death.

The cunning Englishman, on the other hand, left himself a small entryway into the larger world in the form of the Internet and books in order to avoid becoming overly bored during these three days.

Imagine that this act of self-interment took place in an old, abandoned cemetery where half-rotted crosses creak incessantly at night, the earth crumbles into rotten coffins and every rustle is carried hundreds of meters, and the cemetery gates knock with a dull sound on an hourly basis.

Then, one could appreciate the former people’s commissar’s dedication to educating the public about the value of life as a gift.

People were skeptical that he would carry out such an unusual and intriguing idea. Because of this, a lot of them followed the entire procedure.

However, no one is aware of whether any statistics changed as a result or whether it contributed to a decrease in the numbers.

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