This person notices somebody throwing away a plastic bag then finds out it’s a puppy


One day, while going for a walk, a Gloucester, England, resident saw someone get out of a white van and put a plastic bag in a trash can.

The person went over to look into it because something about it seemed odd, which is good that they did. It turns out it was anything but a plastic sack — it was a minuscule 8-week-old little dog.

The individual was shocked to discover that the puppy had been discarded like trash. She was quickly picked up and taken to the vet, where the RSPCA’s Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home was contacted for assistance.

A staff member at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home named Haley Medlock stated in a press release, “Poor Winnie had been cruelly dumped in a bin like rubbish.”

It really surprises me. Due to a deformity in one of her front legs that caused her elbow to be fused at an angle and prevented her from walking, we believe she had been abandoned.

She might not have been able to afford the necessary veterinary care, or her breeder might not have been able to sell her in such a state.

In either case, it is completely unacceptable to abandon her and leave her so helpless.

Since being taken in by the RSPCA, Winnie has experienced a few seizures in addition to her malformed leg, which they are currently looking into.

She is a very happy, playful puppy despite her health issues, and everyone is so thankful that she will get another chance at life.

In a press release, Winnie’s foster mother, Ebony Poole, commented, “She is such a fun-loving girl.” She takes a good nap after her playtime when she curls up on my lap.

After having her deformed leg amputated in about 15 weeks, Winnie will require physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to help her adjust to life with only three legs.

The rescue has already spent a lot of money taking care of Winnie, but they are willing to do anything. They want to make sure she has the best life possible after everything she’s been through.

Poole stated, “She is my biggest concern right now, and I hope that the public will help us care for Winnie and get rid of the neglect she has already suffered at the tender age of just eight weeks.”

Winnie actually has a few difficulties looking before she’ll be fit to be taken on, yet meanwhile, she’s getting lots of adoration and care from her heroes.

Medlock stated, “She’s loving her time with Ebony and is already learning new tricks.” We are hopeful that after her operation, she will have a bright future because she is such a sweet and friendly dog.

She ought to fully recover and lead a contented life on just three legs!

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