This 24-year-old girl is the most beautiful bus driver in the whole world: she looks like a model


She is 24 years old, lives in the UK, and absolutely adores her work. We’d like to introduce you to the most stunning bus driver right now. How did she select this job? In our article, more.

Jodie Lee Fox is here, and she has been driving buses since she was a child. The young woman asserts that this is her life’s work.

When she saw an advertisement for a driver’s position, everything drastically changed while she was working as a nurse. Jody realized she had a chance here.

I came to the realization that I had always wanted to operate a bus. I always sit in the front seat, closer to the driver, even as a passenger. Yes, I enjoy driving.

My dream came true in the end. The young woman quickly learned to drive, now operating not only buses but also high-end limousines.

The only thing Jodie doesn’t like about her job is how much attention is paid to how she looks. She is frequently asked why she did not perform, for example, modeling, with such data.

However, Jodie herself maintains that this is the only position that interests her!

Jody adds with glee, “Men say I’m too pretty to turn the wheel, but I get a lot of nice comments from women praising my nails, hair, and makeup.”

While the Englishwoman doesn’t even consider quitting her job because she considers it to be her vocation, the passengers’ comments aren’t always kind or flattering.

Additionally, the girl wants to set an example of how the profession of the driver should not be viewed in a negative light. In order to become a driver, I had to pass numerous exams.

It’s not as simple as most people believe. The Briton recalled that in order to begin the main theory, you must first pass English and math tests and five more modules.

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