They keep the dog, hoping that someone will come to save him from this mess


Animal Aid Unlimited does its part to help needy animals in their country.

Whether dogs, cats or cows, they are convinced that everyone gets a second chance at life. Stray animals and homeless animals are a problem all over the world, without the help of such selfless people, they will have no hope.

The salvation of this collection of videos “10 saves your heart will never forget” that caught our attention is the dog hanging from the ledge above the green, muddy material.

After reaching him and bringing him to a safe place, the rescuers show their gratitude, as the dog stops and turns around before leaving. That sweet look and tail movement say “thank you.”

Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited, the various rescue organizations around the world, and all their donors for making the world a better place for these innocent animals to live.

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