They broke his two front legs and threw him, he continued to ask for help from strangers


The Chewy was thrown in the trash in Santa Ana Park.

Although his two front legs were completely broken, the little dog hid his pain and smiled at strangers, hoping that someone would help him. After spending days in misery, he was finally rescued by OC Animal Care staff, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

An X-ray of the hospital showed that Chivi’s broken legs had begun to recover. This meant that the poor child was injured a few weeks ago, but his owner never bothered to take him to the vet.

It is very possible that the owner himself broke Chui’s legs and then threw him.

The veterinarian performed a difficult operation to correct Chui’s legs. Recovery after the operation was certainly difficult, but the fragile boy turned out to be a strong general.

He trusted his diligent guardians wholeheartedly, the next week he happily roamed the grass, even when the cast was still on.

Chivi was adopted after he fully recovered. His new mother, Cheryl, is in love with this little boy, while his man and dog brothers also adore him. Goodbye, dear.

Chiu, of course, enchanted his way into our hearts with his innocent smiles and bright spirit.

Click on the video below to see how the abandoned Chu smiled and dared to end his misfortunes with a happy ending.

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