These Siamese twins were separated at the age 4, and now they are 18 years old.


Toward the finish of the colder time of the year 2002, Jake and Erin Herrin had two young ladies, Kendra and Malia. There were mixed feelings about this: It turned out that the babies were Siamese twins.

From one viewpoint, the guardians were exceptionally cheerful about the presence of their girls in the family, and on the other — stressed over their future destiny.

Kendra and Malia lived together for four years, but their parents decided to separate because they wanted to give them the chance to live on their own.

Each of the girls can control one of their two legs. They developed gradually and were able to walk and even run without difficulty. In 2006, an activity was performed to isolate the twins.

31 specialists were involved, who dealt with the young ladies for over a day. Kendra and Malia became little celebrities as soon as the news about this event reached the media.

The twins have been living on their own for 14 years. Naturally, they had to adjust to a new way of life, but they did so gradually.

Girls attend school, and training may take place at home at other times. Additionally, the young ladies showed abilities: Both enjoy drawing and are not terrible at it.

Kendra and Malia have established themselves as role models for their peers and demonstrate that nothing is hopeless. Their classmates highly respect them because they are regarded as school heroes.

This is how the girls appear to be now that they are 18 years old. The sisters have a full life, can move away from one another, and are in different places.

The young ladies moved on from driving school and are superb drivers. The sisters have a YouTube channel and online entertainment pages where they share intriguing occasions from their lives.

Tens of thousands of people follow the twins. Kelly and Carter’s mother, a Siamese, are contacted by the Herrin sisters.

They offer her advice and provide the babies with every possible support based on personal experience. Kelly and Carter are also considering breaking up, but their parents haven’t made up their minds yet.

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