The woman had not cleaned the house for 20 years, but the house remained clean: only in retirement she revealed the secret


Frances Gabe hadn’t cleaned her house in 20 years.

The woman often called guests, who could not understand how all the rooms were clean.

The woman told her secret only in retirement. His way of cleaning the house was so thoughtful that he deserves a Nobel Prize.

In her youth, Frances graduated from the Polytechnic and was an expert in physics and mechanics.

Soon he began to earn well and from the age of 23 he began to fully support

her husband, who was always looking for work, and then began to help her children as well.

The situation did not bother the woman too much: only she asked her family to keep the house clean.

Frances really didn’t like cleaning. However, the husband did not want to help her, and this eventually became one of the reasons for the divorce.

The children grew up and moved, and Frances still did not want to waste time keeping the house clean.

The woman asked for help from her knowledge of physics, and in 1979 she finally solved the problem of housekeeping.

Never again did Frances pick up the vacuum cleaner and rag, but every room in the house always remained clean.

Surprised guests and relatives repeatedly tried to find out her secret, but the woman flatly refused to tell it.

Only in retirement revealed the secret of the clean house. It was all conceived as one large dishwasher:

at the push of a button, sprinklers were thrown into all rooms, detergents flowed into pipes that were recessed directly into the walls.

Another press of the button and clean water washed away the soap.

The floor, inclined at a special angle, allowed water to flow immediately into the chimney drain,

then the hot air drying started. Of course Frances had to rework both the furniture and the walls.

Unfortunately, in 2001 an earthquake damaged the main cleaning structure of the house. And Frances never restored it again.

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