The unconditional love of parents can work miracles, even bring a newborn baby back to life


Kate and David Ogg cherished their relationship, but they did not have children to make them happy.

Kate had been trying to get pregnant for a very long time, and her doctor finally told her the wonderful news three years after the wedding: she was having twins!

The parents were ecstatic. They began getting ready for their children’s birth: They bought a lot of toys, playpens, and decorations for the nursery.

A devastating event for Kate and David was her premature birth in the sixth month of her pregnancy; the woman had significant difficulties giving birth. She and the twins went through a real hardship that day.

After giving birth, a doctor asked Kate and her husband if they had thought of a name for their son, according to Kate. Jamie would be the boy’s name, they replied.

The doctor then whispered, looking at them with sadness in his eyes: Children, I’m sorry, but Jamie has passed away….”

David slowly got up from the bed when he heard this. Kate requested permission to give her son a final hug. The boy was extremely chilly.

To provide Jamie with his own warmth, the woman requested that her husband lie down next to him.

She began to tell the baby how much she and Daddy were anticipating him and what a wonderful sister he had after placing the infant’s body on her chest.

They informed their son that he would be welcomed home by his grandparents and uncles. They cried as they talked to him.

Then, to everyone’s surprise, Jamie opened his eyes, inhaled, exhaled, and then inhaled again before taking David’s finger in his tiny hand, which was barely larger than a fingernail.

Jamie had survived! The physicians had no idea what to say. There was no other way to put it: they could not find a single medical explanation for this miracle.

The family welcomed a brother into the fold two years later. Jamie is a healthy, happy child who never ceases to delight his parents.

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