The truck driver has found the best way while going on long trips and here it is


They definitely knew how to enjoy life together and found the best version of it.

Paul Roberson is a truck driver who undeniably loves his job.

Staying awake while driving alone at night, though it is not easy, but Paul had found a solution for it.

He had found a wonderful companion for his travels, a kitten named Howie.

They were best friends for years and managed to go on many short and long trips together.

They were simply inseparable and had one of the most unique friendships.

Sadly, Howie passed away a few years ago. It was such a painful loss for him…

Some time passed and he decided to bring another pet home as a companion, so he visited the shelter to adopt another baby.

That day, he met a cat named Percy, who had some problems: scars, a torn ear, and also a missing tooth. But that didn’t stop Paul from wanting to adopt the cat. He was sure that they would make a perfect duo together.

He was also told that Percy had a pretty rough life and lived on the streets for a long time. Despite all these cruelties, he maintained a positive attitude towards people.

So they came home together and solo trips would be a thing of the past.

And so it happened. The sweet kitten became his new wonderful companion. It was like what the kitten had dreamed of in his life. He was so happy. He enjoyed the whole journey, long or short.

Paul also started sharing their photos on the Internet and it’s no surprise that they gathered quite a number of followers in no time.

One day, however, a terrible incident happened. The kitten was lost…

Paul tried in every way to find him, even searched the entire area near the bus stop, but in vain.

He decided to turn to social networks, asking everyone for help. Paul understood that every minute was important , but he couldn’t do anything

It had already been a long time. One day he drove 500 miles to make deliveries, and that very day a miracle happened.

A cat came out from under the truck. It was Percy, completely covered in oil.

He had been out so long that he looked completely exhausted.

Paul quickly took him to the clinic to get him the help he needed.

After that terrible incident, he swore that he would never let that happen again and would be much more careful.

We are so happy that everything ended well and they can enjoy traveling together again.

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