The sick mother dog begs the man not to leave her in the heartbreaking footage of her newborn cubs


The mother of the pet is begging, begging the man not to leave her and her cubs.

The man slammed his cars and truck into the rescue shelter.

Then he continues to get out, taking an adult pet out of the car with him. In addition, she receives a box containing 5 newborn puppies. The puppies were still blindfolded.

The man, putting them near the front door of the house, is about to leave when the dog’s mother jumps on his feet as if to stop him in the middle of the road. He tried to shake her, but he rested his feet firmly on her feet, making it difficult for her to move.

It was as if he was asking her not to leave him alone, his young people there. Unfortunately, his application did not work. The man finally drove away.

When the shelter found the abandoned animals, they brought them to a veterinarian for further examination. Preliminary diagnosis revealed that the pet’s mother has breast cancer.

Some subsequent studies have concluded that the development in her nipples is not cancer, but pyometra, an equally dangerous uterine infection.

The mother of the pet should take steps to eliminate the tumor when the puppies stop feeding. They, of course, also need to be sterilized to ensure that they are not linked to their mother’s infection.

Concerned, the shelter was also in financial crisis. Since the blockade, they have had problems feeding more than 1,000 pets in their care.

Investments have fallen sharply, forcing them to look for different alternatives to pet feeding. The man’s irresponsibility not only increased their anxiety but also their obsession.

Nowadays, accepting family members of pets is a big challenge for them, that’s why they have launched a project on social networks to increase financial resources, any investment, even if it is small, will be effective.

People were as good at spreading the word about blogging as they were about online donations.

Unfortunately, the shelter later announced that two of the young cubs had died.

It was later updated that the person who left the mother dog, like her cubs, had apologized to the head of state, claiming that they were wanderers, that he could take care of them because he had money. problems. his own.

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