The poor little pup, who had been abandoned, cries all night long, still waiting for her mother…


The pup was separated from its mother and left all alone on the street…

The little baby did not know what was waiting for him. There was no one to help her. It was too difficult for her to survive all alone.

Luckily a girl named Natalia saw the puppy in the market area where she was working.

So she could not remain indifferent and, taking the baby from the puddle, fed her, who was obviously very hungry.

She was so small that she could not even eat by herself. Therefore, the girl had to feed her from a bottle.

She took care of the dog all day, but she still hadn’t decided what to do with the puppy, but she was sure that she couldn’t leave him on the street.

She would not be able to survive alone. Therefore, from that day on, the puppy became the new member of the market, whom the girl named Daisy. Now she lives in a market stall.

At night, Daisy starys there alone and still continues to cry, trying to find her mother.

Natalia brings the puppy food every morning and takes care of her for several hours, which calms the puppy down and comforts her a lot.

Being so young, she has already had so many difficulties in her life. Unfortunately, there are people who can be so cruel to animals without a twinge of conscience.

Animals also suffer and throwing such a small puppy on the street is the same as throwing a 5-month-old out of the house and expecting him to be able to survive on his own…

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