The pit bull who used to hate cats all his life, decided to adopt the kitty who needed help


Meet Baruch, a sweet pit bull who has a very big heart but has never gotten along well with cats. That’s why he hated them all his life.

However, as we are always convinced, life is very unpredictable and one day everything can change dramatically.

A few days ago, the owner of the pit bull, Stephanie, came home and saw a very unusual sight.

Somehow a kitten appeared on the roof, which looked very desperate.

Therefore, Stefani could not be indifferent and decided to help.

“It is not clear how the kitten got there, but we brought him home to help,” she said.

At first, Baruch was wary of the little guest, and knowing this very well, Stephanie did not intend to keep the kitten for long.

So for several days, she was looking for a new family for the kitten that would agree to take care of him, but one day when she came back from work, she saw that the kitten had already been adopted. It was Baruch.

“It seemed unbelievable, but my dog ​​actually adopted the baby and now these two is simply inseparable.”

Of course, after all that, her plans to find a new home for the kitten were canceled, because the kitten already found his happy corner in this world and didn’t feel alone anymore.

“It was something I didn’t expect, especially since people have a lot of stereotypes about pit bulls.

They are actually very sweet and loving.”

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