The photographer managed to capture a super magical moment of 2 owls kissing each other


The photographer managed to capture a tender moment between the owls and presented it along with some of his stunning pictures.

However, the first impression is deceptive, because they are not a couple, as it seems, but sisters.

It’s just how they express their love and affection towards each other. The photographer who managed to capture that moment is Leslie Arnott.

It was a collaboration between Country Events and Falconry, where he taught people how to photograph birds of prey in flight.

Although he had a lot of experience in photographing birds before, he had never witnessed anything like this before and for him that moment was still very amazing.

Owls love to fly freely in the forests, giving people the opportunity to admire their beauty and take photos of them.

It was such a sweet and warm moment that it was a real blessing for those who witnessed it.

It was so special when they especially came down on the branch, starting to show a little intimacy and tenderness.

Everything happened so wonderfully and he not only managed to admire them, but also took a picture of them twice. It was a real success.

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