The mother fox returns for her little ones, who were found hiding under the balcony


The seven fox cubs were safely returned to their mother thanks to a team of animal transport workers. The staff works for an organization known as Gates Wildlife Control. They are based in Canada.

The purpose of Gates Wildlife Control is to remove and move animals as gently as possible. They do not think about expenses. The welfare of animals is their priority.

When they had work to do to remove the fox cubs from under the porch, they took as much time as needed. Most of the children were hiding, so they had to remove most of the boards.

They had to cut the wooden boards with an electric saw to find out where the cubs were hiding. Eventually, they found a total of seven fox cubs.

Their work was not done after that. Vicks, the mother of the fox, would no doubt be back for her children. And he would be worried if he could not find them where he left off.

Gates Wildlife Control took all the cubs and put them in a box to find the wick. They knew where their mother was going, so they put the box in the back of the house.

It didn’t take long for the wick to find the box he quickly picked up his children one by one. Eventually, he will take everyone back to their lair

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