The man is crying when he finds an abandoned skeleton dog


When we see the physical deterioration of an animal, our heart explodes into a thousand pieces, writing valuable stories

Not to mention how the rescuer feels, the main feature of which is the double sensitivity to endangered animals, such as not giving up, being patient, and always ensuring the well-being of pets.

This is the story of the Greek Taki, who became famous for not leaving animals alone on the street with their pains as long as he could help them.

In recent days, while frequently visiting places where he knows there are highly unhygienic dogs chosen by their owners, Tak has encountered a dog howling under the car tires.

“I always visit the areas chosen by people to leave their dogs when they do not want them anymore! “This time under the tires of a big gondola,” the volunteer was crying.

He never imagined how he would find the animal.

The truth is that hearing the dog’s sad cry, he approached the huge wheel and noticed that the dog’s face was coming out of the crack.

From the first moment the dog was nervous, he was very afraid to leave. She trembled when she was caught as if her little heart would fly out of her chest.

Naturally, in such cases, he has always shown distrust.

However, with patience, dedication, dedication to his work, and a little food, yes, tripling the love and sensitivity to the most suffering, Taki managed to tempt the frightened hairy girl and save her.

Despite his long experience in rescuing pets in difficult situations, seeing him so thin, the man could not stop crying.

He lamented at that time, more than ever, that there were still people who left useless garbage lying on the animals.

But, as we see, there are always people against such an action, who, if necessary, will give their lives to save and activate the welfare of animals.

Things are not so bad, some people know dogs as they are – sensitive creatures.

“It can be said that he did not leave for several days. “He probably stayed there, being used to one house, it was not easy for him to communicate with other dogs,” Takin added.

Fortunately, the rescuer did not stop until he was able to keep the dog, which was only skin and bones. From that day on, they decided to name her Luna.

And like the new moon, he was then reborn into a new life without pain.

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